Clubs & Organizations

Student clubs and organizations at RRU

If you are interested in listing your club, or if information has changed, please contact Student Services.

RRUSA: Royal Roads Student Association

The RRUSA is an organization that represents all undergraduate learners. The RRUSA serves as a collective undergraduate voice, liaises with the University on a variety of issues, provides ongoing activities and events for students, and administers the undergraduate extended healthcare plan.

For more detailed information please visit: RRUSA


Royal Roads University Afro-Heritage Association (inactive)

The RRU Afro-Heritage Association (RAHA) was created to celebrate our cultural diversity, raise cultural awareness and unite students of Afro-Heritage. All students are encouraged to join this association in order to foster an environment of learning, cultural awareness and diversity appreciation. You can follow us on social media:

  • The RRU Afro-Heritage Association is currently inactive. If you are interested in re-starting RAHA, please contact Student Services.


Want to start your own club?

For more information on starting a club or organization, contact: Student Services or the Royal Roads University Student Association


Royal Roads Community Groups

In addition to student-led clubs and organizations, Royal Roads is also home to interest-based groups open to students, faculty, and staff.

Diversity Action Group

The Diversity Action Group (DAG) is a working group made up of students, faculty and staff at Royal Roads University. DAG champions inclusivity and the full participation of all RRU members in the life of the university community. DAG supports diversity-related initiatives and events, raises awareness about issues, informs and educates the university community on the experience of people from diverse backgrounds.

For more information and to join, visit the Diversity Action Group webpage or email DAG.

RRU Proud

RRU Proud is a network of students, faculty and staff at Royal Roads University who come together to create a safe and inclusive community for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Two-Spirit Queer & Questioning members of the RRU community. Through RRU Proud, LGBTTQQ individuals and allies are able to connect and share resources with one another. RRU Proud also provides educational information and outreach through activities and events, and coordinates RRU’s Positive Space Network.

For more information and to join, visit the RRU Proud webpage or email RRU Proud.