Application Process and FAQ

The federal government's lengthy and detailed hiring process can often feel intimidating. Here, it is broken down into seven steps, along with advice on how to navigate the process at each stage. 

GC JOBS OVERVIEW is where you can find postings for opportunities to work for the federal government, as well as current public service recruitment campaigns.

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There are many steps in the federal hiring process. Typically, they include the following:

1)      Selection process is posted

2)      Candidates apply

3)      Applications are screened

4)      Candidates are assessed

5)      Candidates are identified for appointment

6)      Candidates are notified

7)      Candidates are appointed

Thinking About Applying?

Check out the top ten reasons to work for the federal public service to find out what makes the federal government such a great place to work.

Where do I find federal job postings?

Government of Canada Jobs for general jobs and Federal Student Work Experience Program for student jobs. Also check CareerRoads, Royal Roads’ career portal for positions posted directly with Royal Roads University.

Do I have to be a co-op student to apply for student opportunities with the federal governments?

Some jobs are for co-op opportunities only, others are open to students for general Federal Government Work Experience or specific opportunities for Indigenous Student Employment Opportunities or for Students with Disabilities. There is also the Post-Secondary Recruitment Campaign for after you have graduated.

Do I have to move to Ottawa to work for the federal government?

Not all government jobs are in Ottawa. According to a 2018 Statistics Canada study, approximately 40% of jobs are located in the Ottawa area with the remainder spread right across Canada.

Do I have to be bilingual to work for the federal government?

Some federal jobs will require fluency in English only, French only or both English and French. Language requirements will be outlined clearly on each individual job posting. For more information, visit here.

What if I have never worked for the government before? Can I still apply to student opportunities?

You don't have to have worked as a government employee before! Opportunities are open to all areas of employment and skill. No matter if it’s your first internship or a potential dream job. Why work for the government? See why here.

Do I have to be a full-time student to apply for student opportunities with the federal government?

Depending on the program or position there may be criteria around your status as a student or if you are returning to studies after your work term, if you have questions please reach out to Career Services or the Federal Ambassador.

Do I have to be returning to school after a work term with the federal government to qualify?

Please look specifically at the criteria for the opportunities you are interested in as some do require that you are returning to studies after your work term. There are also general job opportunities that are not student dependent. 

Are all federal student jobs full time?

Not all positions are full time, please read the postings carefully and reach out to the Federal Ambassador if you have questions.

How much do student positions with the federal government pay?

View the rates of pay for federal government students here.

Is the Department of National Defence (DND) the same as the military?

The Department of National Defence is the department that oversees the military. However, there are thousands of opportunities for civilians, and many of them are student work experience jobs.

What if I am a Royal Roads University alum? Are there any opportunities for me?

There are many opportunities for post-secondary graduates to work for the federal government. You can start by checking out the post-secondary recruitment campaign (PSR), an annual initiative that the federal government runs to recruit college and university graduates across the country. Graduates may also apply to the General Recruitment and Specialized Recruitment opportunities. If you have questions about the PSR or other opportunities in the Federal Public Service, please reach out to the Federal Ambassador.

I am an international student. Can I still apply for student opportunities?

International students can apply to and be hired for positions with the federal public service, but preference will be given to Canadian citizens who meet the job requirements. International students must have valid work and study permits in order to work legally in Canada and be eligible for placements, internships, and all other federal student opportunities.

Please refer to the Information for International Students section for additional information. 

Please feel free to reach out to the Federal Ambassador for clarity or further guidance.

Where can I find the federal government help on campus?

Please reach out to the Federal Ambassador to set up a virtual meeting time!