Academic Support

Academic Services

There are a wide variety of academic resources and supports available to you at Royal Roads University.

Over the course of your program, you will likely get to know the staff in your program office very well. Program staff supports you in your learning by providing key administrative support to programs and faculty, including scheduling and communication with students.

Some program areas maintain an online Program Community Group specifically for their students, in order to keep you updated on important information, scheduling and notices. If your program has a Program Community Group, you will be given membership by your program staff and will see your groups listed in the left navigation block when you log in to the groups site.

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Academic Resources

Accessibility Services

RRU is committed to accommodating the needs of students with disabilities by making all reasonable efforts to create a barrier-free learning experience. The University will work towards meeting the needs of each student with a documented disability by adapting services and instruction where appropriate, while maintaining the high quality of education that is characteristic of Royal Roads University. Learn more...

Coaching Support

Our learning and teaching model is highly team-based. Like in all areas of work and life, sometimes teams face challenges, conflict and unexpected circumstances. RRU's Team Coaching Service offers support to individuals and teams. Our goal is to support students' academic success, while also encouraging the ongoing development of teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills. Learn more...