Sustainability Action on Campus

"What can I do?" Each of us has a responsibility to consider the impact of our lifestyle. You are invited to explore the following opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of your time at RRU.

Waste Diversion

At RRU, we all have a part to play in reducing the amount of material that enters the landfill. Through our continuing partnership with reFUSE, we’ve diverted over 400 tonnes of compostable material from the landfill to date. RRU continues to invest in upgrades to its waste sorting and recycling facilities.

Waste Categories

If you’re unsure of where to place your waste, please have a quick look at the below categories:


Water Conservation

Water is essential for life. At RRU we’re always looking for ways to preserve and protect water resources on and around the campus. Further, we are working towards reducing the consumption of bottled water by our community with the installation of new bottle filling stations on campus.

The tap water on campus is clean and tastes good, in fact, in blind taste tests our tap water has won out over the bottled variety on several occasions.

We urge you to bring your reusable water bottle to campus and use it during your stay on campus.

Paper and Printing

We ask that you please consider the alternatives to printing that exist in this electronic age before you print off your assignments, notes, etc. At RRU, the Moodle platform allows learners to submit and share their group work electronically.

Or consider setting up a shared folder for your group on a cloud-based application like Google Drive or Dropbox or Microsoft One Drive.

Student Sustainability Committee and Earth Day

April 22nd, every year!

The Royal Roads University Student Association has established a Student Sustainability Committee, supported by the Office of Sustainability. Each year committee members organize the activities for Earth Day, and other events on campus – get involved with the student committee, through the RRUSA.