Home Workouts


We understand it can be challenging staying active at home.

To help, we put together several workouts for you using a variety of equipment and difficulty levels!


Home Workouts

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Resistance Band Workout & Descriptions

- Looped Band Workout & Descriptions

- Floor Abs Workout & Descriptions

- High Intensity Workout & Descriptions

- Beach Wood Workout & Description

- Log Workout & Description 

- Endurance Workout

- Lower Body Stretching Sequence

- Upper Body Stretching Sequence


Full Workout on Youtube

Full workouts you can follow along to.

- Stretch & Mobility from the Croquet Lawn

Full Body Stretch

- Resistance Band Workout

- Upper Body Strength with Dumbbells

- Bench Workout

- 12 Minute Abs

- Beach Wood or Dumbbell Workout


We also have a variety of workout videos on our Facebook Page as well including:

- Upper Body Strength

- Lower Body Strength

- Cardio Workout

- Rotational Workout

- Seniors Seated Mobility



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