Case Competition and Industry Challenges

  • Design Thinking Challenge - An opportunity for undergraduate students to display their analytical and presentation skills and for potential employers to observe them under high-pressure situations.
  • Organizational Communication Live Case Challenge - Two or more teams from the MA in Professional Communication research your organization, conduct an analysis and then present their analysis, recommendations, and a communications plan to your organizational representatives in a formal presentation at RRU.
  • Master of Business Administration Leadership Challenge - Organizations are invited to present a workplace leadership issue to our MBA students for the purposes of analysis and presenting a set of recommendations. Participants join learners on campus for a day of professional presentations and will receive a report from each team with their recommendations. Please email Carolin Rekar Munro, Instructor MBA office to inquire further or to express your interest in participating.
  • Advanced Strategic Integrative Practice - An opportunity for client organizations to benefit from an objective, independent consulting intervention which addresses key issues facing their business. Through a problem-based learning approach, students work in teams on this final project of their MBA program, delivering recommendations to address the opportunities, threats and operational challenges faced by the client organization. Client representatives attend student presentations on the final day of residency and also receive copies of written reports. Please email Mike Thompson, Instructor MBA office to inquire further or to express your interest in participating.

Industry Projects

  • Master of Business Administration in Executive Management (MBA) - Organizational Management Project
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management (BComm)
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science (B.Sc.) - Major Project