Corporate Sustainability Plan

Corporate Sustainability Plan 2015-2020

The Royal Roads University’s Sustainability Plan 2015-2020, represents a new approach to the measurement and reporting of the sustainability performance of Royal Roads University (RRU).

Under the direction of Dr. Allan Cahoon, this plan was developed by the members of the university’s Office of Sustainability, including two alumni of the university, in collaboration with the RRU Marketing Department. This new plan has a theme of “living in harmony” and is metric-based. It builds on the foundation set by Dr. Steve Grundy in the university's first Sustainability Plan written in 2008. This first plan established the groundwork for the university’s current path of sustainability success. The new plan builds on that success with a focus on measuring the university’s performance in key aspects of environmental and social sustainability.

This approach will provide detailed feedback on the progress and cost effectiveness of sustainability related initiatives on campus and allow for further integration of sustainability considerations into the delivery of the core business of the university.