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Hear what our students and alumni have to say about their experience at Royal Roads University.

David Maze, BA Interdisciplinary Studies

David Maze

BA in Interdisciplinary Studies

“The perspective gained working with students from across disciplines is second to none.”
Adam French, Master of Global Management Student

Adam French

Master of Global Management

“RRU gives you the opportunity to accomplish your goals, turning your career dreams into a reality.”
Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication

Steven Jones

BA in Professional Communication

“This degree has opened my eyes to career tracks I had never considered.”
Sam Jaroudi

Sam Jaroudi

MA in Conflict Analysis and Management

“I learned to appreciate every conflict as a learning opportunity rather than a threat”
Dmitry Maishev, Master of Global Management Student

Dmitry Maishev

Master of Global Management

“At RRU, you’ll encounter a different kind of learning.”
Japanese garden

Simmi Natt

MA in Educational Leadership Management

“I feel better prepared to face the difficult leadership tasks within my school”
James Hanson, Graduate Certificate in Project Management

James Hanson

Graduate Certificate in Project Management

“I quickly learned how little I actually knew about the art form that is Project Management.”
Janis Hutton

Janis Hutton

Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching

“I learned as much from others in my cohort as I did from the deliverables.”
Cavell Boone

Cavell Boone

MA in Conflict Analysis and Management

“My program provided specific knowledge to zero in on my chosen field of practice”
Heidi Dewald

Heidi Dewald

MA in Conflict Analysis & Management

“The diversity of my cohort allowed me to view situations from other perspectives”
Nicole Auser, BA in Professional Communication Student

Nicole Auser

BA in Professional Communication

“My time here at RRU has been invaluable.”
Jennifer Chernoff, BA Interdisciplinary Studies

Jennifer Chernoff

BA in Interdisciplinary Studies

“I was able to tailor my program to meet my needs, today and for the future.”
Michael Brookhart, MA Intercultural and International Communication

Michael Brookhart

MA in Intercultural and International Communication

“Royal Roads is a diverse learning environment full of history and culture.”

Thoralf Gran-Ruaz

Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Commerce

“It was the perfect blend of learning for the stage of life that I was at. ”
Peter Drysdale BA in Justice Studies

Peter Drysdale

BA in Justice Studies

“I learned a lot from my cohort, and formed bonds that still hold today.”
Sandy Balascak, MA Interdisciplinary Studies

Sandy Balascak

MA in Interdisciplinary Studies

“The ability to choose my own courses created an opportunity for real learning.”