Tax Forms

Official tax receipts (T2202's) for 2018 are now available through MyAdmin.  You can also access T2202 forms for years 2010 to 2017 through the site.

MyAdmin is available to all applicants, students (including withdrawn and on-leave) and alumni. Visit MyAdmin for more information.

To access your T2202 log into MyAdmin at with your username and password.  Select the “MyT2202” link from the menu on the left hand side and click on tax year you require.  Once the form has been generated you will have the option to print or save the PDF document.  (*To avoid issues viewing the T2202 form ensure you have installed the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat viewer).

For T2202 inquires or to request a re-issue of a T2202 tax form, email Student Accounts. Please note that there is a T2202 (Canada Revenue Agency tax form) Reissue Fee per T2202 tax form.

Please Note: Form T2202 reports only the tuition paid and the number of months the student is enrolled in a qualifying educational program; it does not provide assurance that the student is eligible for the tuition, education, or textbook credit or for a scholarship exemption, nor does it provide assurance that the student is eligible to participate in the lifelong learning plan.  Each student must determine if he or she is eligible for these tax incentives according to his or her own circumstances.  For further details, refer to the resource material located on CRA's web site for students or consult your tax advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is the amount on my T2202 form different from what I paid last year?

Please note that the amount you paid may differ from the eligible tuition amounts for your T2202 form if the courses did not take place until the following calendar year. 

Tax receipts are issued for the calendar year for the dollar value of the courses taken between January and December.  For most students this does not equal the amount you paid during the calendar year.  For instance, if you made a tuition payment installment in December 2016, the amount would be included in the 2017 T2202 form if it relates to courses that will be taken in 2017.

Q. What amounts are included on my T2202 form?

Eligible tuition fees that will be on your T2202 tax form include:

  • admission fees;
  • examination fees;
  • application fees (but only if the student later enrolls in the institution);
  • charges for a certificate, diploma, or degree;
  • extension fees;
  • academic fees;
  • the cost of any books that are included in the total fees for a correspondence course; and
  • student services fees.

You cannot claim the following as tuition fees:

  • students' association fees;
  • medical care;
  • transportation and parking;
  • meals and lodging;
  • goods of lasting value that you will keep, such as a computer, microscope, uniform, or an academic gown; 
  • initiation or entrance fees to a professional organization; or
  • cost of books (other than books that are included in the total fees for a correspondence course).

For more information, please refer to the Canada Revenue Agency.

Q. Why is RRU collecting my Social Insurance Number (SIN)?

Effective the 2019 tax year, all post-secondary institutions are required to provide the Canada Revenue Agency with Social Insurance Numbers (SIN) on Form T2202 (Education and Textbook Amounts Certificate).  A T2202 is produced for all students at Royal Roads University registered in credit courses and eligible non-credit courses.

For more information, please refer to the Canada Revenue Agency website.

Q. How will RRU collect my SIN number?
Effective June 11, 2019 SIN information will be collected on your application to the University. 

If you did not provide a SIN Number with your application, please visit MyProfile to update your SIN number in the RRU system.   Log in with your personal email address and your password.  

You can also update your SIN number in person or by phone at the Registrar's Office during office hours. 

An individual's SIN data will be stored in RRU's secure student management database and will only be accessible by staff who have authorized access to this type of information. 

Q. I am an international student.  Why do I get a T2202?
RRU is required to report T2202 information to all students to enable them to complete their Canadian income tax returns.

Residents of Canada are required to file a Canadian income tax return. The T2202 is a tax receipt for tuition paid that can be used as a deduction against income earned while in Canada. 

Q. Do non-residents of Canada need to provide a SIN?

Students who are non-residents of Canada are not required to provide a SIN.  

The Canada Revenue Agency’s definition for a non-resident for tax  purposes can be found here.

How do I apply for a SIN number?

For information on how to apply for a SIN number please visit the CRA website.