Leadership Specialization

Organizations need strong leaders with current and relevant skills in order to help their business flourish, and the MBA in Executive Management with specialization in Leadership is intended to help develop those competencies and capacities.  Since the demand for leadership skill development in the current organizational landscape is significantly higher than just a few years ago, this specialization is well timed to meet the needs of the market place.  

The specialization builds upon the core foundation of the MBA in Executive Management which includes a strong presence of leadership content in the first residency session, in addition to a strong leadership influence throughout the balance of the courses. The specialization courses will focus on two distinct but connected areas:  Emotional Intelligence (EI), and exercising leadership in a global setting.  Taken consecutively, these two specialty courses provide understanding of the diverse international boundaries and the impact of leading teams internationally toward organizational performance and productivity, as well as developing skills that increase capacity that stands up to the unpredictability of intense and rapid change in the world economy.

Who it’s for

Experienced managers who are looking for insight into their own leadership competencies, as well as developing the skills to help others strive for better leadership will find this specialization attractive.  Human resource practitioners who are seeking a stronger understanding of the dynamic and changing global workforce will also see value in Emotional Intelligence competency development for both domestic and international settings.