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International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) Certificate

To demonstrate the exceptional education you have earned at Royal Roads University, students enrolling in the MA in Learning and Technology program at Royal Roads University can apply to obtain an International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) Certificate, recognized around the world.

IBO credentials show your organization that you are an innovative leader, willing to go above and beyond our already high expectations. You will have access to a unique enrolment pathway, available only to IBO educators, and the opportunity to explore future professional and research opportunities with the IBO. As well, IBO Certification provides additional opportunities through the IBO Online Curriculum Centre (OCC), where you will find discussion forums and resources available only to IBO members.

For qualified learners enrolling in our MA in Learning and Technology, you have the option of pursuing the:

IBO Advanced Certificate in Teaching and Learning Research

This designation can be earned by supplementing the existing IBO content with focused, systematic investigative research to further your knowledge and experience. You will deeply explore curriculum development, pedagogy, and assessment through the exploration of relevant literature and your own IBO practices. This advanced certificate is most appropriate for existing and experienced IB school educators.

How to apply

When you complete your application for the MA in Learning and Technology program, please include in your personal statement your interest in the IBO certificate relevant to your experience and MA program. During the program there will be time set aside to register with the IBO and obtain access to their network and resources.  You will be required to complete IB-specific readings and assignments during your program, as well as IB-related research topics, but you will maintain a workload equivalent to the students in your program who have opted not to pursue this distinction.

Visit the IB website for additional information about the registration and enrolment process for IB educator certificates.

Ask your enrolment advisor for more information about our available IBO certification and how this exclusive designation can impact your career.