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All courses from the Graduate Certificate in Advanced Coaching Practices are available to qualified students on an individual basis through General Studies. Students wishing to enrol in any of these individual courses are expected to have coaching experience and education. Graduates of RRU’s Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching are eligible. 

ADVC612: Group and Team Coaching

Extends the fundamental principles and knowledge of coaching into the context of coaching work teams. Emphasizes the development of core knowledge, skills, and competencies related to team coaching, and distinguishes team coaching from other forms of help such as group coaching, facilitation, and team building. The course culminates in the creation of an individualized model of team coaching, enabling students to more effectively and competently coach work teams in organizations. The course requires significant participation in both individual and team assignments, and includes a three-day on-campus residency. Pre-requisites: Eligible applicants will have completed prerequisite education in the field of coaching (e.g., the RRU Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching or an acceptable alternative).
Course Credits: 3.0

ADVC620: Intercultural Competence and Global Coaching

Navigates and integrates the cultural dimension in coaching relationships, balancing cultural worldviews, and creating a global mindset through improved global business knowledge. Coaches working, or planning to work, cross-culturally will explore the applicability of cultural frameworks in coaching relationships. Students will examine their own response to culture and cultural assumptions and learn from alternative cultural perspectives such as communication, power, privilege, identity, purpose, organization, or territory.
Course Credits: 3.0

ADVC635: Creating Coaching Cultures

Builds upon the student’s experience as a professional coach. Students will develop a comprehensive understanding of the complexities related to integrating coaching as a cornerstone of organizational culture. Students will learn how to align coaching with strategic initiatives in order to maximize knowledge sharing, build capacity and increase organizational performance. Using applied, practical methods, students will explore the challenges of implementing a coaching culture within an organizational context and identify opportunities to drive organizational change. Prerequisities: Students are expected to have completed prerequisite education in the field of coaching (e.g., the Royal Roads University (RRU) Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching or an acceptable alternative).
Course Credits: 3.0

ADVCPO: Advanced Coaching Practices Orientation

Provides an introduction to the services within the university to support the students, such as the library, writing centre and student services. Focusing on the structure of the program and courses there are scheduled required activities that include orientation to online learning, locating resources on the library website and applying the citation method of the American Psychological Association.
Course Credits: 0.0

ITAI: Introduction to Academic Integrity

The Introduction to Academic Integrity course illustrates academic integrity and plagiarism in real-life scenarios. A clear sense of academic honesty and responsibility is fundamental to good scholarship, and the integrity of university academic work and the degrees conferred by the university is dependent upon the honesty and soundness of the teacher-student learning relationship and of the evaluation process. Therefore, all students must understand the meaning and consequences of cheating, plagiarism, and other academic offences. The Introduction to Academic Integrity course serves as a helpful, interactive companion to the academic integrity policy and procedures outlined in the Student Policies & Procedures, which contains the policies and procedures that guide academic life at Royal Roads and support our mission as a university.
Course Credits: 0.0