Delivery Model

The delivery format of the BSc in Environmental Management is similar to our MA in Environment and Management. There are three, three-week residencies combined with courses delivered at distance. The program takes two years to complete.

In the first year, students focus on acquiring the necessary skills, knowledge and tools to assist them in identifying and assessing the quantitative scientific and technical components of environmental issues. Students gain and integrate skills and knowledge in the fields of environmental ecology, atmospheric and ocean sciences, and water and wastewater management. Students also begin an exploration of sustainability from theory into practice that will continue as an underlying theme throughout the balance of the program.

In the second year, students acquire integrated skills and knowledge in the field of environmental chemistry, geomorphology, soil sciences, environmental hydrology and remediation. Students also begin to integrate these skills in addressing environmental issues from an interdisciplinary perspective.

The program finishes up in the third residency by examining regional global issues through land use planning, global processes, tools for management and decision-making, and the integration of skills for addressing environmental issues from a sustainability perspective.

The workload for the distance option is approximately 18-25 hours per week.