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Women Leading Change: Building a Culture of Inclusive Leadership

6:30PM October 16, 2018
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Toronto's Women's Club Verity
111 Queen St E Library on the Second Floor
M5C 1S2 Toronto , ON
Ontario CA
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In this workshop, you will explore and discuss some of the predominant feminine leadership models as well as popular topics of debate concerning gender and leadership. Women need to speak and model their feminine values as a means to shifting organizational culture toward an inclusive leadership framework. Energy could be focused on intentionally seeking, planning, and implementing communication strategies and channels for speaking our values as feminine leaders. During the session, you will have an opportunity to explore your own values, and design strategies for communicating your values with confidence throughout your daily life, workplace, and community. 

Dr. Jennifer Walinga is a Professor in the School of Communication and Culture at Royal Roads University and will also share undergraduate, graduate and professional studies opportunities for women in leadership at Royal Roads University. 

This will be a fabulous evening for networking at Toronto’s only women’s club accessible by TTC with street parking and a large parking lot across from the building. With just shy of 1,000 members, VERITY has become a sanctuary for busy professional women with its terrific meeting rooms, spa, restaurant, hotel suites and engaging club activities. This venue is home to women who support other women and who help advance colleagues in their pursuits and career goals. We all know further education is a stepping stone to greater opportunities.

We will be meeting in the Library on the Second Floor.