Learning and Teaching Model

As a uniquely mandated public university, RRU is charged with offering education in professional fields that is sensitive to labour market needs. Scholar-practitioners who work from interdisciplinary, social science perspectives guide applied student research; practitioner-scholars engage students in experiential learning. Career sector needs inform course learning outcomes; a cohort of peers encourages networking and enables students to work in teams. Our mission is to immerse students in a learning context that facilitates personal and professional transformation and allows them to succeed in a global workplace.

The best research in modern learning theory suggests that fundamental change is needed to the traditional approach to learning and teaching. Royal Roads is guided by two frameworks. We understand learning as a socially constructed activity and we conceptualize lifelong learning as a process of social and personal discovery beyond acquisition of knowledge. Our learning model (below) is built on this framework and has resulted in a growing market understanding that attending Royal Roads University is life changing.

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