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What is work integrated learning?

Work integrated learning are structured and formalized programs that provide students with the opportunity to integrate their academic studies into relevant work experiences or business challenges.  Programs elect to include internships, practicums or projects as an integral component of a course.

When are students available?

Students are available from different programs throughout the year, and not just typical university spring or fall terms.  Check the Work Integrated Learning calendar to see which programs are currently available or contact the Career Learning and Development office to discuss your position or project. 

What are the benefits of hiring an RRU internship student?

RRU’s internship programs follow the same guidelines and requirements as a typical co-op work term, except that RRU internship students have completed all mandatory in-class academics:  they are ready to work.  Unlike co-op work terms, where students must return to academic study, internships can be completed at the end of the program and, for most programs, are the final academic requirement.  This means that most of our internship students have the flexibility to remain in their positions upon completion of their formalized work term.

What are internship students paid?

Just as in careers, internship opportunities come with a range in pay scales:  employers are requested to review their budget and offer students a fair salary. 

There can be, however, opportunities with high learning and professional growth potential that may come with a stipend or as an unpaid opportunity.  In these cases, the employer must show that the position meets specific criteria:  not a fundamental position; a project-based opportunity; has excellent mentorship; and there is above-average opportunity for the student to gain skills, experiences and leadership that would surpass a typical internship opportunity.  These guidelines are in accordance with Employment Standards Act, Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training.

What about insurance?

As with a usual temporary employee, employers are required by law to ensure that internship students have WCB and Employment Insurance. Students hosted in unpaid internships within BC have workers’ compensation coverage through the Ministry of Advanced Education, Training and Technology.

For details on employer expectations and requirements, please review the BC Provincial Government’s Employer Corner.

What programs incorporate work integrated learning? 

Most Schools at RRU incorporate a form of work integrated learning as an academic component of their programs.  Each School is afforded the ability to decide which type of experiential education best meets their programs’ and students’ needs.  The type of work integrated learning and the schedules may be accessed on the calendar page.